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      Chained Institutions
      Linyi Home Care Center in Dezhou City
      Linyi Home Care Center in Dezhou City

      Sunshine Jiayuan Linyi Home Care Center (Linyi Social Welfare County) is located in Dezhou City which is well-located and easy of access. As a welfare institution invested by Linyi government with 120 billion yuan,Linyi Home Care Center adopts Sunshine Jiayuan’s original solution to senior service system in Chinese counties and towns and starts to operate since 2013. The central building covers a floorage of 35000 square meters, accommodates over 1000 beds and possesses multiple functions as apartment for the elderly, support center for poverty-stricken people, eldercare training center, assessment center and rehabilitation nursing.

      Sunshine Jiayuan Home Care Center in Dezhou operates as the first county-level public-private welfare center in Shandong, the national pilot unit of standardized eldercare organization construction, the national practical training base for senior service skills and Shandong service brand. In August, 2019, as the successful case of public-private organization, it undertook the task of observing and emulating in the 24th Shandong Civil Affairs Working Conference.






      You can contact us at
      ADD.: No. 9, Guangde Street, Linyi County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province
      TEL: 0534-8123000
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