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      Chained Institutions
      Sunshine Jiayuan Zhuji Home Care Center
      Sunshine Jiayuan Zhuji Home Care Center

      Sunshine Jiayuan Zhuji Home Care Center in Leling City (town-level medica care and eldercare center in Leling City) is located in Zhuji Town which is known at home and abroad for its featured jujubes. Lying in the sightseeing jujube forest, Zhuji Home Care Center is surrounded by a widespread area of jujube trees, and praised as a natural oxygen bar for the forest coverage rate of 95%.

      The Home Care Center is a large-scale welfare organization, which is invested by Leling government with 96 million yuan and operated by Sunshine Jiayuan Group under the governmental trust. This project covers a floor space of 66666 square meters and a floorage of 15000 square meters, possesses 500 beds and officially operates since 2020. Basing on its widespread and ecological jujube forest, Sunshine Jiayuan has made it as a symbol of health preservation and sojourn eldercare in Shandong.




      You can contact us at
      ADD.: Wanmuzaoling Park, Zhuji Town, Leling City, Shandong Province
      TEL: 0534-8123000
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