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      Nursing Features
      Nursing Service

      According to the self-care ability and psychological and physical features of the elderly, personal nursing plan and service can be customized.

      Smart nursing system is introduced to monitor and record vital signs data and accordingly form a health file.

      Professional nursing services as haemorrhoids pressure nursing, stomach tubes and catheters exchange, wound fresh dressing change, mouth care, intravenous injection, oxygen therapy and so on.

      Provide psychological and physical care service to the elderly who are suffering from cerebral strokes, myasthenia, diabetes and alzheimer's disease.

      Offer various kinds of rehabilitative training to disabled elderly as lowering down myasthenia, refining movements, balancing and pronouncing, so as to improving their capacity of action, language and movement refine.

      Organize vigorous elderly to do health exercise, physical fitness training and group fitness, so as to strengthen their somatic functional and delay senescence.

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