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      Luan Xiaojun

      the chairman and general manager of Sunshine Jiayuan Old-age Care Group, deputy secretary general of China Eldercare Industry Consortium, who has obtained EMBA of Shanghai Jiaotong University and drafted the national eldercare industrial standard Classification and Evaluation of Eldercare Institutions, Shandong provincial standard Standard of Basic Service for Health Care and Eldercare and Management and Service Standard of Day Care Centers for the Elderly in Urban Communities.

      Luan has devoted himself to the cause of eldercare in 2008, after ten years of industrious efforts in this industry, his Sunshine Jiayuan has become the pioneer in China public-private eldercare system, and more than a score of chained eldercare institutions have been successively established. Sunshine Jiayuan owns the most institutions in Shandong province and covers half of cities in this province.

      As the pioneer and leader of eldercare industry, his public-private system and county senior service system are fully approved by governments at all levels and widely acclaimed by the whole society.

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